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Playalinda and Atlantis

I was in Orlando to meet up with my parents before a convention, but I had a day to myself before they arrived. The first thing I noticed after checking in to an old, threadbare room at the Best Western was that the tap water smelled funny, like sulfurous mud, and I thought as I […]

Recent Reading

My article queue has been space-heavy lately: lots of space history, and a few recent developments which highlight what an exciting time we are in for human spaceflight potential. “For the Tenth Time”: the story of Soyuz 4 and 5 — Part 1, Part 2: The first Russian orbital docking and EVA transfer mission in […]

NASA HQ Open House

Courtesy yatesc, I now have a photo on the cover of a NASA publication — specifically this shot of Discovery, used for “Toward a History of the Space Shuttle: An Annotated Bibliography Part 2, 1992–2011.” On the Friday before the 2013 Inauguration, NASA HQ had an Open House event in DC, and I was on […]

Discovery in DC

On Tuesday, 17 April 2012, The Space Shuttle Discovery came to Washington, borne on the back of 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft NASA 905 for a grand DC flyover before landing at Dulles Airport for transfer to its final destination: the Udvar-Hazy Center Space Hangar. I got photos from Lincoln Memorial with my freshly bought NEX3, […]