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The return trip was much less grueling than the flight over: no overnight airport transfers in Japan this time around — though Chicago O’Hare was a pain to transit through, what with the standard bag re-check and a broken airport tram that forced us into a taxi for a terminal transfer.


Flew to Manila for Christmas. This year’s itinerary was a bit of a challenge, with multiple layovers, including a 13 hour overnight Tokyo airport transfer from Narita to Haneda.


I was at Dulles for a while that Friday. I had come over early from work to enroll for TSA Precheck, and tried driving in via a back route called “Ariane Way” that skipped the Dulles Access Road and was frequented by airport workers and cargo delivery trucks. A wrong turn somehow trapped me in […]


Two things I never want to do again: go through Venice Marco Polo Airport on a Saturday, and fly Air France. With thick crowds and long lines in the terminal, plus crashy Air France check-in machines (without ground staff at a desk for backup), by noon I wish we’d stayed an extra day or two […]


Flying from Dulles Airport, to Amsterdam Schiphol, typing as I go. This might be a bit of a whiny ramble.


Our adventures started the night before, with United changing our seat assignments without notification, then disabling Amy’s online check-in. Then, some excitement on departure: a transformer blew up at the corner as we left in our taxi.