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Rained Out of RFK

Steve and I (and our respective significant others) were at RFK last night to watch the Nats/Phillies game, but after a few hotdogs and an hour of waiting, we figured it would be called, and left before the rain got any harder. It wasn’t a wasted trip; I’d never been to RFK before, and I […]

Nationals Beat Yankees

Whoa, whoa, I missed this news over the weekend: Nats beat Yanks! Yesterday’s game was clinched by Nationals Rookie Ryan Zimmerman in the ninth inning, with a walk-off two-run homer on a pitch delivered by Yankee pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. Score was 3-2, which is just classic Nats: they’re not great scorers, usually much better on […]

Nationals Doing Well After the Home-Opener

I missed tonight’s (last night’s actually; I just noticed the time) baseball game as I was in bed, feebly nursing the beginnings of a neck-strain migraine, but I’m happy to see that the Nationals are still winning, despite having problems with the field at RFK Stadium. I can’t believe I’m talking about baseball. Next thing […]

Nationals Home Opener

So last night was the Washington Nationals’ Home Opener at RFK, and we won against the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5-3. Great pitching from Livan Hernandez, despite giving that three-run homer to Chad Tracey in the ninth. (Good batting, Arizona.) That ninth inning was close: they could have pushed us into a tenth or eleventh if they’d […]

DC Baseball: Field of Reams

Why.I.Hate.DC details the essentials on Baseball in DC. Having the Nationals would be great, but I don’t think any of us in DC (with the exception of “Bowtie”) want it so much that we’ll spend $600M of our taxes on baseball, at no cost to MLB. After last night, MLB will likely pull baseball out […]

Victory Under a Red Moon

After two or three nights of insufficient sleep, my body was too fatigued to stay up for either the historic game or the lunar eclipse, but my dreams were plagued by voices saying “Sox, Cardinals, totality, SOX, CARDINALS, TOTALITY, SOX, CARDINALS, TOTALITY!!!!!” so I had to get up and check the news — and more […]

Sox and Snake

Congratulations, Red Sox. So I was part-joking earlier this week that “all” the Sox had to do was win three more games in a row; then not only would they get to the World Series for the first time in eight years, but also make history as the first team to do so after coming […]

Sox Resurrection?

Congrats go out to Ortiz and the Red Sox for snatching a win from the Yankees after 12 innings, narrowly avoiding a thourough 4-0 loss. Last night, I was sitting in the cafe car of a train heading home from New Jersey, getting updates from one of the [Bostonian] conductors via his GPRS phone, and […]

“Skinny, Fast People Never Hit It”

“I will smoke P. Diddy like a cheap cigar.” IdleWords on training for marathons. I go running along the Mall once or twice a week (it really should be at least three times a week, but I’m not the morning person I once was), which is a five mile run from the Capitol to Lincoln […]

Go Yankees

Thanks to Amy’s influence, I’m now rooting for the Yanks. (At least until Washington DC revives the Senators.) My sympathies to all you Sox fans out there. I remain receptive to contrary views.