Nationals Beat Yankees

Whoa, whoa, I missed this news over the weekend: Nats beat Yanks! Yesterday’s game was clinched by Nationals Rookie Ryan Zimmerman in the ninth inning, with a walk-off two-run homer on a pitch delivered by Yankee pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. Score was 3-2, which is just classic Nats: they’re not great scorers, usually much better on defense. Zimmerman’s homer came right out of left field, so to speak. Man, I’m bad at sport writing. I’m stopping right here.

Further reading: Baseball slang, and the definition of “walk-off.”

(Of course, this presents something of a mild quandary to me, as my girlfriend’s dad is a Yankees fan, but the Nationals are my local team. The inner conflict from divided team loyalties … it tears at my heart so!)