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DC Cherry Blossoms 2014

I might have gone a bit overboard using this fisheye lens with the cherry blossoms over the weekend. The blooms were lovely and it was a nice, warm day — though the DC crowds were thicker than I’ve ever seen them, both at the Tidal Basin and at the Washington Monument grove. Also notable was […]

Rainy Saturday

Drops of water on plants in the Smithsonian’s Mary Livingston Ripley Garden. Shortly after I took these photos it began pouring again and did not stop for the rest of the afternoon. We took shelter in the Sackler Gallery, where we looked at Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur.

Willow Oak Root

Macro details from the knotty, mossy roots of a willow oak on the Capitol Lawn. Note the whorl-like patterns under the bark on exposed portions of the root system:

Butterflies Sipping From Flowers

We strolled over to Bartholdy Park this afternoon, and while Amy drew a paperbark maple I got some quick video of these two skippers on flowers . If you look closely you can even see their long black probosces uncurling to sip nectar from the flowers. More photos in the Aug 2008 weekend photoset, including […]

Flowers in Breeze

Flowers bend with the breeze at the National Garden and Bartholdy Park on a gray, windy Sunday afternoon. Music is the 13th Century old English Nou goth sonne under wod from Lenten is Come, by Briddes Roune. (CD purchased from Magnatune. Though I do not subscribe to certain underlying aspects of the song’s theology, I […]

Weekend Garden Shots

Saturday was a pleasant but somewhat atmospherically unsettled day, alternating between warm sun and chilly gray as a northerly breeze blew scattered, dark, but non-rainy clouds across the sky. After looking at UAVs, we dropped by Bartholdy Park and the Summer House to take in some garden ambience. The large photo is of hens and […]

Birds and Spurge

Walking home from cherry blossoms yesterday, we happened upon a pigeon hanging out at the Department of Agriculture, and some hungry finches and bright green blooming spurges in the Ripley Garden.

Our First Christmas Tree

Amy got us a little Italian Stone Pine at Whole Foods to serve as our Christmas Tree, suitably tiny for our tiny apartment, and decorated with glittery birds and glass balls and lights from Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, and CVS. It’s not a very big or grand tree, and it still lacks a topper, but […]

African Violet Flower

The African Violet that won’t quit is still not quitting, and has put out yet another flower. Just one now, though, which makes me wonder if its health is declining.


Once upon a time I thought these were some kind of brainlike fungi, but then I saw one fall from a tree by the Capitol and found out that they’re called Osage-oranges. (Osage.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)