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Nokia 6120c Photos

Here’s a bunch of photos from the 6120c to show the phone’s camera quality. I forgot to mention that the camera has a feature called “Panorama mode” — this lets you take one photo, shift the view, take another, and if they line up the camera app will stitch the two along an overlap, as […]

Nokia 6120 Classic

Update, 2009: Don’t get this phone, even secondhand. Not worth the constant random shutdowns and blank screen wakeup bug. Latest firmware upgrade created as many problems as it solved. While I was in Manila I picked up a Nokia 6120 Classic at the tiangge, since the old 6600, already secondhand and scratched, was getting on […]

Nokia 6600

So, yeah, the Nokia 6600, as I said I’d review three months ago. I got a blemished secondhand unit from an eBay seller, and it arrived in pretty good condition, only mildly scuffed. Since then I’ve found it to be an excellent mobile phone and a passable personal organizer. Let’s start with the good. The […]