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Various Debunks

“Lost” tribe not so lost after all. The key word here is “uncontacted”; the government had known about isolated native tribes such as this one for decades, and partitioned off that land as an Indian preserve. The man responsible for the pictures played up the “lost natives” angle to draw attention to the problem of […]

Tsunami Woowoos

Conspiracy theorists out in force: So it didn’t take long for the nutjobs to come out of the woodwork after the tsunami hit. (I’m especially partial to that specific news story because the guy debunking the woowoos is a Filipino scientist from PHIVOLCS.) Best crackpot sightings yet are from Portland Indymedia: “Was the tsunami caused […]

Photoshopped Future of the Past

So, it turns out that the 1954 vision of the 2004 computer which Presurfer linked was a skillfully done Photoshop job of a nuclear submarine manuevering room console, posted to a Fark Photoshop thread. I got taken in, but it should have been obvious on a closer look, with the ragged feathering on the left […]

Planet WooWoo

Six months ago, Planet X did not come to wreak havoc on the world. Now, a new threat has come to imperil the Solar System. Get your tinfoil hats on as we await the arrival of Planet Z!

Be Happy!

I have happy news for you: Bobby McFerrin is alive and well, and has not committed suicide, contrary to any urban legends you may have heard to that effect. So don’t worry, be happy.

Genta Ogami King Con

G.O. Group closely resembled a cult, with staffers beating on a taiko drum and chanting Ogami’s 10 commandments at daily meetings. Every Monday, they viewed his weekly video address, in which he stuttered gems like “follow the path of truth” while dressed in a fresh Versace outfit. Employees then had to write reviews of that […]

Coolest Guy in Japan

Genta Ogami — the Coolest Guy in Japan. G. Cosmos Japan is believed to have collected 48 billion yen from about 12,000 people seeking to invest in the advertisement business. Company documents, however, show that the company has failed to pay 20 billion yen to at least 7,000 clients. Many investors were middle-aged or elderly […]

Herbalife Signs

The secret behind all those WORK FROM HOME signs. I’ve had a few encounters with Herbalife myself; some involving a guy in Ateneo (in my brother’s batch) who went all over the campus with a “LOSE WEIGHT NOW / ASK ME HOW” button. More recently, I met an enthusiastically wide-eyed Herbalife distributor on Dela Rosa […]


No one mention Nostradamus again. PLEASE. (It already amused me to no end that initial quotes of the fake quatrain said “City of God” — a title which cannot even be loosely connected to NYC. And by late afternoon of that same day, they were quoting it as “City of York.”)