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Metro Zamboni

Friday, around 7PM, Metro Center was crowded with people, and a WMATA guy was driving a huge floor-cleaning machine back and forth around the packed Shady Grove platform, pushing people out of the way, dangerously close to the platform edge. Hey Metro, this couldn’t wait till later in the evening, like not right after the […]

Owning the Clouds – Apology, Withdrawal

Followup to Owning The Clouds and the update: I got an email from Sarah Bernard of 23/6, apologizing for the inadvertent pulling of my video due to Google/YouTube’s content identification. I forgive you, 23/6! Dear Paulo, I’m Sarah Bernard, President of 23/6. Please know that we certainly did not intend for our posting the video, […]

LAX Transfer

We flew home from Hong Kong, crossing the Pacific through a miserable haze of cough meds and throat lozenges, but the real fun began on landing at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). As is standard U.S. port-of-entry policy, all transferring passengers had to disembark and go through immigration and customs, picking up bags at a baggage […]


As you may have surmised from my increased posting volume, I have internet access at home once again. Earthlink took about a week and a half to activate my naked DSL line and deliver the hardware. About midway through that waiting period, I noticed that my old Westell DSL modem was picking up a data […]

Verizon: A Moving Experience

I normally try to be nice to customer service reps on the phone; they’ve got a tough job, sitting in a cubicle with a headset to deal with irate and clueless people all day. To my knowledge there are only three times I have actually ever raised my voice to a phone CSR: once, when […]

Lost Bags: Followup

My squeaky wheeling about Airtran and Lost Bags received some “grease”: email apologies from DCA Ops Manager Robert Sullivan, Carla Hodge of Airtran’s Central Baggage Service, and Airtran’s DCA Station Manager Chanel Johnson. Miss Johnson was very responsive, promised action on the hitches in the process, and offered to repair or replace the bag within […]

Lost Bags

Update: See Lost Bags: Followup for the resolution of the problem. Airtran sent me a replacement bag. On May 7th, 2006, I and my brother were booked for Airtran #109 from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Atlanta (ATL), to transfer to Airtran #182 to Washington National Airport (DCA). We arrived at MCO to find that […]

Downgrading my DSL

Remember the time I got DSL a year ago? I got it at Verizon’s promo rate of $29/month for the first year, with the first month free. It sounded pretty good at the time — until their $14.95/month promo rate was introduced a month later, at which point I was locked into the prior deal […]


Unpacking and refurnishing are my least favorite parts of having a new apartment. With the boxes still piled and the room still bare, the place felt at first more like a prison than a domicile. Fortunately, with furnishings and other odds and ends purchased from DC.CL, LNT, TCS, and NWL, the room is feeling more […]