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Blogger Mobile

Blogger Mobile: Blogger introduces mobile-phone-to-weblog posting. Send an MMS/email message from your cellphone to the specified email address, and Go.Blogger auto-generates a new random blogspot URL hooked to your contact information. (The URL can be changed or merged with your existing weblogs when you “claim” your number on login.) More from Blogger Buzz (with jingle), […]

Dreaming of Evhead

Four nights ago, I had an oddly vivid dream about at-large Blogger founder Evan Williams: I was in a meeting with him, asking for venture capital to fund a content management project I had percolating. In my dream, Ev had just gotten an odd bowl-like haircut which reminded me — somewhat — of Lloyd Christmas. […]

Blogger DeIndexing Archives?

If I’m reading the Note at the bottom of this Blogger support page correctly, Blogger no longer plans to support an archive index file. Not good. An archive index is the necessary focal point of a weblog archive, whence stem all links to past archive pages. While including a full archive index on your front […]

Blogger04 Redux

It surprises me that among fellow bloggers of faith, all the reactions to the Relaunched Blogger have been decidedly negative. Well, okay, “all” two reactions I’ve seen: Joel, Josh (cached because he seems to have disappeared). As I said earlier, I think the new Blogger is superb. The pages are well-structured and are finally laid […]

Blogger’04 metaRoundup

pauSpotting: my own old blogspot page, now revived. Some insider info: AdaptivePath, StopDesign, Evhead, Shellen, Biz, Simplebits, Veen, Zeldman, WhatDoIKnow. Feedback trickles in: Metafilter, Haughey, PhilRingnalda, LYD, Burningbird, Volokh, and the Google News Cloud.


The new is out, and it looks great, both visually and functionally. It’ll take a while to get used to not seeing the old black layout, but on the plus side, the new dashboard is clean and simple, and the public profiling brings the community/social network aspect of the system into sharp focus. The […]

Heavy Snow

So where were you when Google bought Blogger? Me, I was sitting by the window, watching the heaviest blizzard I have ever seen in my life dump over a foot of serious snow on Little Italy. It’s beautiful from inside, but I don’t think I’m going to church today. Or the grocery tonight. Or work […]

Blogger hacked again

Update: Okay, Blogger’s back and working again. Ignore the rest of this entry. You Blogger-users out there, don’t log in; they just got hacked. I tried logging in to change some settings on my mobile blog, and it told me I’d entered an invalid password. When I requested a password reminder, the confirmation said my […]

Of Evlovers and Pyrafans

Ever since Blogger got famous, and more so when they broke up and Jack Saturn wrote his letter, I’ve been curious about the politics, personalities, romance, and drama behind the whole Pyra affair. I briefly IM’d with Matt about it once, but I certainly didn’t want to seem like I was prying for gossip. Today, […]


This NextBlog random link is so fun. One can just click and click one’s way through the Fabric of Humanity without ever getting tired of it.