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My article queue has been space-heavy lately: lots of space history, and a few recent developments which highlight what an exciting time we are in for human spaceflight potential. “For the Tenth Time”: the story of Soyuz 4 and 5 — Part 1, Part 2: The first Russian orbital docking and EVA transfer mission in […]

LoC Open House

Library of Congress had a Main Reading Room Open House event on President’s Day, so I dropped by to check it out. I got these panoramas of the Main Reading Room and the Great Hall: …while Human Understanding looked down from The Dome: The Main Reading Room was crowded with people all interested in seeing […]

Asteroid 2012 DA14

A small asteroid named 2012 DA14 flew close by Earth on Friday 13 Feb 2013, flying south to north, 17,200 miles from the surface at closest approach: much closer than the moon and even within the orbits of farther-out geostationary satellites. This was going to be the live space event of the month — until […]

Chelyabinsk Meteor

A meteor (or bolide, the term for a bright, exploding fireball) exploded in the sky over Russia, with a bright flash of light and multiple loud bangs seen and heard in Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains. The shockwave injured people and caused light damage to structures in the city. Since dashboard cameras are so prevalent […]


Video shows a trampoline rolling by a window in high winds. Recorded as Hurricane Bawbag hit Scotland in December of 2011. A true classic of internet.

Recent Reading

Subcompact Publishing. Predictions and proposals for the fresh new field of internet-distributed portable-device publications, of which Marco Arment’s The Magazine is a prime example. Google’s Lost Social Network. I am not on board with the term “sharebros,” but I still use Google Reader, and have found Google Plus to be mostly bitter disappointment. America’s Real […]