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Amy at Artomatic

Artomatic, the ever-famous DC community art event that fills just-constructed buildings with rentable artists’ walls, is up at Navy Yard, and this year Amy took the leap and got space to show some of her paintings and drawings, with a focus on her mushroom works. The show is up till July 5th so if you’re […]

Feed Flood Warning

Your Attention, Please! This site’s RSS feed is currently on OMG SUPER FLOOD WATCH WARNING ALERT LEVEL TWO BILLION as I am about to click the “Move Feeds” button on, and commence any number of feed-maintenance activities. This may cause downtime, or it may cause everything to suddenly be marked unread, or it may […]

Blue Heron Flyby

Friday morning brought me to Arlington before work, so I made my way to the office in Georgetown via Rosslyn, Key Bridge, and the C&O Canal towpath. Walking down the towpath somewhere between Key Bridge and Wisconsin Ave NW I happened across the blue heron. It spooked and flew before I could get close enough […]