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Talking Above My Pay Grade

So how do I reconcile being a prolife Christian with supporting a pro-choice Democrat? I’m not going to cop out with a “pay grade” excuse. I believe life begins at conception, but I stand that we can do a lot more to save the unborn by being involved at a personal and community level rather […]

On Obama’s Speech and Palin’s Selection

And now, some disjointed thoughts. Obama gave a grand, eloquent acceptance speech at the DNC Thursday night, appealing to American history and ideals to express the core principles of the modern Democratic party. He alternated between combative and conciliatory, attacking the Bush administration’s policies and the McCain campaign’s smears on his character, while also offering […]

Clouds of Fay

Remnants of Tropical Storm Fay came to DC Thursday and Friday, darkening the sky, dumping rain on the city, and providing some lovely nimbostratus cloudscapes:

Butterflies Sipping From Flowers

We strolled over to Bartholdy Park this afternoon, and while Amy drew a paperbark maple I got some quick video of these two skippers on flowers . If you look closely you can even see their long black probosces uncurling to sip nectar from the flowers. More photos in the Aug 2008 weekend photoset, including […]

Breaking Up (With Twitter) Is Hard To Do

Last June I broke up with Twitter in a haze of tears and drama. I was tired of unreliability and whales and repeated “Something went wrong!” alert boxes and losing instant messages, and decided it was time to see other microblogging services. Pownce was okay, despite past incidences of seething hatred for it. It had […]


We haven’t seen a good exposure of Pandora’s odd-colored eyes lately, so I tried to get a nice shot of them last night. It wasn’t easy; even with our new five-headed floor lamp with full-spectrum Daylight CFL bulbs and a camera on high exposure, it was still a bit too dim to get a good […]

Obama-Biden Text Message

I got the text message announcing Obama’s choice of Biden for his running mate at 3:04 AM, and snapped a photo and posted it to Flickr within two minutes of receiving it. (Oh, and I got the whole “It’s 3AM” reference out of my system over at We Love DC.) As far as I can […]

Di Ka Nag-iisa + 25

Last Thursday, August 21st, marked the 25th year since the death of Ninoy Aquino. His opposition to the Marcos dictatorship and subsequent assassination sparked the flame of outrage which would lead to the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986, sweeping Marcos from the presidency and restoring democracy to the Philippines. Ninoy’s wife Cory became President, […]


I’m not sure what the story is behind this backhoe bucket and hydraulic demolition pick sitting forlorn in Foggy Bottom this morning, just feet apart on a Penn Ave sidewalk, but the mother to these poor orphan tractor parts was nowhere in sight. I weep for them.

Goose at Rest

On Saturday afternoon we went on one of those touristy walks we sometimes take, walking along the length of the National Mall from Capitol to Lincoln Memorial. While strolling down the Reflecting Pool Promenade, we spied this sleeping goose standing on one foot atop … something in the green, green water: More photos in the […]