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links for 2007-10-31

NASA Chariot. Prototype for a lunar “truck,” a larger, heavy duty rover for lunar operations. (tags: nasa moon rovers space) Zipcar and Flexcar Driven Together – Car sharing services to merge. (tags: cars business transportation) MAKE: Blog: Dress up as a YouTube clip and let people comment on you directly Interactive self-referential postmodern Internet […]


It’s not my ristorante, but it’s the most awesome name for one. (Paolo_s.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Yellow Dot

The Red Line was a mess again last night, so Amy and I opted to ride the Orange Line till Capitol South, then just trek home from there. It was a cool evening, the last glow of sunlight fading over the southwest horizon, the sky clear and mostly cloudless. As we walked towards the Capitol […]


To replace my aging A400, I put my birthday money towards a new Canon Powershot SD 1000 / Digital IXUS 70. Here it is, just arrived in the mail and freshly unboxed. Apparently it’s an anniversary edition camera that’s supposed to look like the original Elph or something like that.

links for 2007-10-30

U.S. Out How?: The moral dilemma of leaving Iraq (tags: iraq war politics terror news) International Space Station Construction in 28 Panels: 1998-2010 / (tags: nasa esa space timeline iss) sacra doctrina: the evangelical crackup. Garver notes that a shift in evangelical politics isn’t necessarily a move to apostasy or heresy. (tags: faith politics) […]

links for 2007-10-29

Metroblogging DC: Georgetown Intro for the Carless DC Noob. In which I share my semi-newfound knowledge of Georgetown. (tags: dc georgetown history metblogs) Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” (il Cenacolo) at 16 gigapixels. Click on image to go to Flash applet. First thing you’ll want to do after that is turn off the annoying, unrequested background […]


It would appear that bikes are no longer welcome along the railing at Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro. (NoBkPrk.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Capitol catches the last rays of sunset as we walk home. (Capitol.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Looking toward the National Gallery East Building after looking at Hopper and Turner. (NGA.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Pandora on her little scratching and sleeping rug by the couch. I wish she would get up on the couch to join us once in a while. She doesn’t seem to like it up there.