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My brother Javi at the Lincoln Memorial. Spent a day doing the whole museums and monuments DC tourist thing. (JaviLinc.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

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How Ads Really Work: Superfans and Noobs | fortuitous Ads can provide content for one-time search visitors, but it can help your community to turn ads off for regular logged-in members. (tags: community design advertising business) Google Gears (BETA) Improves offline functionality. (tags: google firefox js api) The Goodspeed Update – Ten Reasons is […]

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Microsoft Surface. Tabletop touchscreen multi-input user interface. It’s like a giant iPhone that you can’t fit in your pocket. (tags: microsoft surface ui tech) “Bush to Pick Zoellick for World Bank: Former Trade Negotiator Tapped to Replace Wolfowitz” By Peter S. Goodman President Bush today plans to name Robert B. Zoellick, a career diplomat and […]

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Russell Heimlich (tags: weblogs wordpress) Metroblogging DC: Chihuly Boat. In which I write briefly about Dale Chihuly’s boat installation in the National Garden. (tags: dc art sculpture glass metblogs) Views of Phobos from the Phobos 2 mission – The Planetary Society Blog Visuals from Russia’s 1988 Mars moon probe. (tags: space russia mars photos phobos) […]


Homeless derelicts with shopping carts can be the most ardent patriots. (BumFlags.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

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Redeye VC: Myspace – the next Prodigy? “Facebook has recognized (and embraced) something that Myspace has not – that there is more value in owning a web platform then a web property.” (tags: facebook myspace social net business) The Wrong Song For the People of God. Is “God Bless America” appropriate for Christian worship? (tags: […]


Looking toward the capitol dome from the Botanic Garden jungle catwalk. (USBGcptl.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


Walking around the US Botanic Garden with Amy. Lots of plants. (USBG.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

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Chernobyl: 20 years later. Photo essay of a trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. (tags: nuclear travel photography russia ukraine history) passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers (tags: weblogs fun photos communication psychology) Oklo: Natural Nuclear Reactors – Fact Sheet Evidence that deposits of underground uranium may have undergone natural fission. (tags: nuclear […]


Flag procession for Pentecost getting ready to enter. I’m carrying the Philippine flag, which appears to have been installed upside down. (Flags.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)