Snappy Recovery from Job Hunting Gaffe

What do you do when you’re sending out multiple job applications all at once, and you accidentally send the cover letter for Company A to Company B by mistake? Well, if it’s for a webmaster/IT Manager position, and you’ve got nothing to lose, you send a witty followup like this one.

With regard to my just-submitted application, I must follow up with no small amount of embarassment that this is for [Company A] and not [Company B]. That’s what I get for doing multiple job applications simultaneously in multiple Firefox tabs. Please enjoy a laugh around the office at my expense and accept ten old school ^H command line backspaces to cover over my carelessness.

– Paulo

Self-parody mixed with a not-too-subtle flash of geek cred — it’s an all-or-nothing gamble at the hiring party’s attention! What does that get you? Rejection for your carelessness, or special notice for your sense of humor?

Apology accepted! What are your salary requirements?

And just like that, I got an interview for April 10th — but sadly (for them, that is) I had to cancel on it a short while later. Why, you ask? Well, I accepted employment elsewhere. More on that, and on the transition back to full time work from freelancing, soon.