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Foggy and Udvar-Hazy

Just a couple of photosets from recently: DC in the fog and The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center out in Dulles.


As you can see, HNBP is back in action, and a few things have changed: All parts of the site (including inside static pages, not just the weblog) now run on Movable Type 3.2, in tandem with a bit of PHP for easier templating. I was partly inspired by Tim Murtaugh’s work on the MT-driven […]

Dive Log, Malapascua Island

Another cursory entry in the travel log: my dive log from the holiday diving trip to Malapascua. This is mostly here for my own personal posterity. You’ll probably just want to see the lovely underwater photos my brother took. (1) Isla de Gato 12/27/2005, 10:30 am, 50 mins, max depth: 70 ft air used: 2500psi […]

Travel Log: Christmas Holiday in the Philippines, 2005

JFK-YVR, CX889, A346, 6h15m, 12/20 9:20pm – 12/21 12:35am YVR-HKG, CX889, A346, 13h20m, 12/21 1:45am – 12/22 7:05am HKG-MNL, CX901, B773, 2h5m, 12/22 9:10am – 12/22 11:10am MNL-HKG, CX918, A330, 01/03 5:45pm – 01/03 7:45pm HKG-JFK, CX830, A346, 01/04 10:15am – 01/04 12:50pm Flight is out of JFK, so Amy and I fly up to […]

Downtime Update

What with the frequent hardware failures, the loss of my entire database, the lack of full daily backup, the poor support, and the stealthy changes to the user agreement, there’s a lot I could say right now about my former web host, Affordablehost; but really, other irate ex-customers are already saying it: Post-Acquisition has made […]