OK Go in Zero G

Alt rock band OK Go — already known for conceptually daring and technically complex music videos involving things like treadmills, self-stabilizing unicycles, optical-illusion installations, stunt driving courses, marching bands, and massive Rube Goldberg machines — has now shot a zero-gravity video aboard a cosmonaut training aircraft in Russia for their song Upside Down and Inside Out.

It’s an impressive feat of logistics and choreography, with the song slowed down and split into zero-G-parabola-timed segments to be sped up, stitched, and synced in editing later; plus a grand finale of piƱatas, paint balloons, and disco balls termed “Thunderdome.” The extensive Behind the Scenes documentation show just how much work went into this production.

(All this of course makes me want to try a zero G flight, though I doubt I’ll have the thousands of dollars necessary to spare for the experience any time soon.)