Some Notable Video Art

Tokyo Reverse, a backwards video of a man walking backwards through Tokyo so he appears to be walking forward while the world around him moves in reverse. This preview shows just five minutes of excerpts; the whole piece is 9 hours long. By Simon Bouisson.

“Box,” by Bot and Dolly, explores human interactions with technology through a skillfully choreographed interplay of computer-generated videos projection-mapped onto screens mounted on articulated robot arms.

In Kiyoshi Awazu’s “Burning Piano” (2008), pianist Yosuke Yamashita plays a piano set on fire until he can play no more.

Popularized in part by viral spread and a few days pinned to the top of a 4chan image board, WendyVainity’s “meow! sad toy cats.wmv” is an unsettling surrealist video consisting of computer-generated cats moving to a melodic synthesized voice.

WendyVainity has produced a substantial portfolio of computer-generated video art very much worth viewing in full over several days.