Mobile Catchup

Owing to intermittent Flickr mail2blog problems, mobile content has not been getting properly posted, so here’s a quick catch-up on cellphone photos taken on the go in recent days:

BlkSqrl.jpg qtdn.jpg GrayPenn.jpg Arch.jpg Broke.jpg Cones.jpg

(Top left) A black squirrel in Foggy Bottom.

(Top right) New Le Pain Quotidien coming to Georgetown.

(Middle left) Cloudy gray sky over Pennsylvania Ave NW.

(Middle right) Arch of a bridge over the C&O Canal.

(Bottom left) Broken torchiere lampshade.

(Bottom right) Family of traffic cones.

Hopefully Flickr can get mail2blog functionality working consistently again, otherwise I’ll need to start looking into other solutions to push mobile content to this stream.