DC General Election 2006

Elections today! DC general elections are rarely as exciting as the primaries, since this is a mostly Democratic town, so it’s sort of given that the Democratic candidates will simply be reconfirmed by the overwhelming majority of voters who gave them the primary slot to begin with. Still, there are wildcards in the equation, the one closest to home for me being the Ward 6 race. I’ll be voting today according to the Smokefree DC General Election Endorsements, which means I select Will Cobb for Ward 6 Council Chair.

DCDL has a list of DC general election candidates with links to candidate websites.

IMG_8720.JPG Update: Okay, all done voting. Here’s how it went: (photo of ballot at right)

House Rep: Norton

Mayor: Fenty

Council Chairman: Gray

Council At-Large: Mendelson, Catania

Ward 6 Council: Cobb

Shadow Senator: Brown

Shadow Rep: Panetta

Board of Education: Bobb, Raymond

ANC6C: Wirt

As a general election postscript, I really love that this is the first thing I see when I come out of my voting precinct: