Friendster Testimonials

I don’t use Friendster anymore, so I cancelled my account. The testimonials were worth saving though, so I’m recording them here for posterity:

Angie, 10/31/2003: Had a secret crush on him for a few minutes during our ORSEM even if he badly needed a haircut then. And I will forever remember him for the first (and only) person to use “pulchritude” for my description (eternally grateful i still am, pau). Hilarious Sean Connery impressions. Mean roller-blading skills. Unfortunate Barry Manillow resemblance. Famous Block & White Ad. More known for his wit and intelligence… but people should also be famous for his heart! Miss ya, ordo.

Toni, 09/29/2003: Rollerblades. Star Trek. Barry Manilow. Photography. Incredibly smart. Cats. The Pioneer Blogger of LHC. How Now Brownpau. Sketches of Human-like cats (or cat-like humans?) in our college logbook. These are some of the things I remember about you. Hope you can come home soon and hang out with LHC so we can reminisce some more. We miss you, Ordo. :)

VicManlapaz, 09/25/2003: The Man.. The Legend..! Ladies and Gentlemen.. Barry Manilow! Who’s the man???! :) Good to see you again in cyberspace pal!

Raffy, 09/23/2003: Pau and I were schoolmates in highschool, classmates in college, workmates in hell, and even here I still can’t get rid of him! Hehe. My Washingtonian buddy has been my web guru, my spiritual stonewall, and one of my closest friends that I don’t get to speak to except through e-mail and blogging. I’m happy that I have a friend who I can relate to on so many levels. Pau, you’re my hero. (mustn’t…cry…)

Kage, 09/22/2003: There may be three Ordos in the history of the Ateneo… but I do think that we lucked out and got the pick of the litter! Silently sentimental, subtly quirky and smoothly verbose… Paulo inline skated his way into our lives. Gr8 98 would not have been the same without our resident Guidon boy and Star Trek fan.

Rowie, 09/18/2003: Paulo (or Ordo, as I still call him) is one of the most endearing, lovable people I know. His heart is kind and gentle, his intellect and creativity are estimable. Miss you, Paulo! But I’m happy to know you’re happy in the U.S. So … while we’re getting all nostalgic about college here … I have to ask: whatever became of those roller blades? ;)

Jay, 09/18/2003: Personally Ganns, I liked him better in “Somewhere Down the Road.” ORDO!!! US based huh? So that’s where you’ve been keeping yourself! I remember Paulo’s sardonic wit and deadpan humor and…awww, who am I kidding…AT THE COPA…COPACOBANA!!!! THE HOTTEST SPOT NORTH OF HAVANA!!! Everybody jump in! COPA…COPACOBANAAAAHHH!!!

Ganns, 09/18/2003: I’ve known Pau as a solid, grounded individual who loves with all his heart and lives for his God. I totally love the quality of his work, and know that someday, we, his friends, will watch him proudly as he claims some award for his many talents. Oh, and he rocks when he dishes out, “her name was Lola…”

SnotRokit, 08/02/2003: paulo has to be one of the nicest people that i have met. he’ll help with anything that he can, and i don’t think i ever saw him get mad at anything. paulo rocks.

Aaron, 06/16/2003: Paulo is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life, and even now I feel that way – this minute

Steph, 06/03/2003: paulo does great sean connery, star trek, and redneck impressions. i can’t think of anyone on earth that i would rather share a computer with than this guy. and ladies…this guy is a true gentleman (remember what those are?). steph says paulo rocks!

Jesper, 06/02/2003: I tell you, it was Paulo who really introduced me to weblogging. Lynch him, not me.

rajan, 05/30/2003: paulo fixed my website! for that, i’m eternally grateful, or at least grateful up until my next trip to Arby’s.