Walking by this brook on the Forest Hills Greenway again:

Idyllic brook flows over scattered rocks under trees beginning to fill with leaves

Compare with how it looked in winter a couple months back.

As of last year there was a proposal before the municipal council to name this waterway “Bissett Brook” — which seems to be what they’re calling it now.

Long Overdue Haircut

Procrastinated on getting a haircut for a couple years, but with hair flowing over my shoulders and down my back and as far down as my elbows and generally being a tangled mess I figured I’d probably better get the standard buzz I usually get. Still fighting the reflexive urge to tie back a ponytail days later.

Before haircut: long messy locks over my shoulders, and after haircut: military-style buzz and fade

Buzz and fade courtesy Tom at Chinwag’s Barber Shop. The shorn locks are now in a baggie with the Trailer Park Boys costumes and production designer Nicole, who may use it in a wig or as a prop.


Thus cementing my legacy with the show in hair forever. Or something.

Sleepy Sunny Cat

Here’s Amelia sprawled on the bed in a sunbeam putting a paw over her face:

Shorthaired tabby cat lying on sunlit bed with a paw over her nose and mouth Same tabby cat but she has moved her paw up to cover her eyes

Three Crows

Crows and Peanut

Been throwing out peanuts out for the local crows; a few times some have gotten bold enough to land on the railing with me still standing there. I’ve had as many as eight in one morning, but sadly so far they have not reciprocated with shiny gifts as I’ve heard crows sometimes do.

Snow Alien

Six year old child beside a little snow figure with sticks forming squinty eyes and short arms

Ezra and I built a little snow alien at Baker Drive Community Park in Dartmouth. This one’s kind of a grey.