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Eduardo San Juan and the Lunar Rover: Message from “Skeet”

Got an email from Otha “Skeet” Vaughan Jr., who worked with Wernher von Braun at ABMA, and on the Apollo program and the lunar rovers: Reference the “The Lunar Rover and Ed San Juan,” you are correct; he did some early work on developing a mobility program for Hayes International in Birmingham and later at […]

Early Lunar Rover Wheel Design

Another note from Nikodemski on the lunar rover, this having less to do with San Juan and more on developments in lunar vehicle design among his Space Age contemporaries. His letter is stuffed with fascinating historical and technical detail, and includes a scan of an early lunar rover wheel design for the MOLAB project, which […]

The Lunar Rover and Eduardo San Juan: a Comparison

Looking deeper into Eduardo San Juan’s MOLAB proposal, we find a “lunar terrain vehicle” design we can set side by side with the final Apollo LRV for comparison: (click to see larger) Several major differences are immediately visible: the San Juan LTV is much higher and narrower, built for only one person who boards by […]

Eduardo San Juan and the Lunar Rover: the MOLAB Study

Continuing my inquiry into the legend of Eduardo San Juan and the lunar rover, you’ll remember that I sent an email to historians at NASA and Boeing to ask about him. Mike Wright of the Marshall Space Flight Center History Office emailed back with a very interesting PDF attached: a report and conceptual design for […]

The Lunar Rover and Eduardo San Juan: Update from an LRV Designer

Update: See the response from NASA, with Eduardo San Juan’s actual MOLAB study. Last February I posted a letter that I received from the supposed daughter of Eduardo San Juan, attempting to debunk my debunk of the urban legend concerning his inventorship of the lunar rover. Early last month I received a response from one […]

The Lunar Rover and Eduardo San Juan

Update: I have written more on this. See this letter from an actual lunar rover designer, and further research into this topic. Many years ago, I ran a site called, the Philippine Urban Legend Archive. In it I compiled chain email forwards and tales from traditional and contemporary Filipino folklore, debunking the more egregious […]