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Overheard at HKG

Filipino family at Hong Kong Airport airline transfer desk, answering some questions due to some missing paperwork. Gate agent: “Country of origin for this trip, ma’am?” Saucy Pinay lady: “United States of America, which is our home.” “And what city?” “Texas.”

Sick Days

Been a trying time health-wise; a sore throat from last week blossomed into a full-blown bronchial infection with fever, sinus congestion, and painful coughing. I took sick days off from work to recover but my condition worsened, and with an unavoidable travel deadline looming a trip to the doctor was needed. Two days of clogged […]

Costco Safari

I suppose membership with Costco is an inevitable step in my ongoing Transition to Suburbia, and despite having lived in the USA for almost a decade now, trips to big box warehouse-type stores still hold an almost anthropological fascination for me, a cultural exploration of the types of consumables — and crafts-turned-consumables — that retailers […]

Brownpau Show #1

I was in an IRC channel talking about and the nature of internet fame, and nostrich said something along the lines of “WELL DO YOUR OWN SHOW” — so I did, with The Brownpau Show #1: Mostly I was just testing out the iPad 2 camera, and how well iMovie did on-the-fly video capture, […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

Full photoset here. We went to New Jersey last weekend to spend Thanksgiving with Amy’s family, and to witness the baptism of her brother Bob.