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Ghosts Of My Friends

There was lots of interesting old stuff in Amy’s grandma’s basement: newspapers from 1963, a haunted chest belonging to Waylande Gregory, cassette tapes from the Apostolate for Healing and Evangelism, a phonograph with one of those trumpetlike speakers, an Apple IIe, dozens of neon beer signs — but the most striking historical artifact was “The […]

Signs of Fleetingness

Seen in New Jersey over the weekend: a cicada’s shed shell hanging on to a blade of grass, a cemetery on a hilltop in Warren.


I have not had a Caturday post since that grooming appointment over two months ago; indeed I have been too busy to post much of anything for some time. But for now let us catch up on cat photos with this series of Pandora pictures. She turned 18 last month. Eighteen! That’s the equivalent of […]

Fourth of July 2009

Fourth of July long weekend was spent largely in domestic relaxation, but we went out on Friday to hike around Theodore Roosevelt Island a bit. While there we got to see three blue herons chased around the marsh by someone’s golden retriever: Then on Saturday we ventured out to the National Mall to see fireworks. […]