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Harbingers of Spring

Some photos from the last few weekends, as Spring made itself felt across our latitude. I especially like that I was able to get photos of Bradford Pear buds and the flowers that bloomed from them a week later. And squirrels on the National Mall are always eager to come right up to you, hoping […]

Views of the Capitol

Above: photos of the Capitol taken over the course of a picturesque spring week. (Click for larger photos on Flickr, of course.)


Here is Pandora, looking hopefully to the future — or perhaps looking dazedly at our five-headed floor lamp with its daylight-like full-spectrum CFL bulbs. (Three Caturdays in a row means three otherwise weeks of unjournaled web ennui. Sorry.)


You can tell I’m either really busy or really unmotivated when you get Caturday entries in a row from my never posting. Anyway, here’s Bootsy, a neighbor’s cat whom I have been petsitting for the week. I love the blurry shot, caught mid-meow.


So how close can we get to Pandora while she’s sleeping? Today, pretty close:

My SEO Level is Over 9000

It all started with my 99 character SEO seminar, in which I challenged the bloated world of search engine optimization (SEO) with just a few simple rules which had always worked for me: (1) Write compelling content. (2) Use descriptive headlines. (3) Link judiciously. (4) Get linked. Josh (whom some of you may know better […]

DC Snowstorm, March 2009

Some scenes from last week’s snowstorm, a parting shot from a DC winter that was almost completely snowless till its very final week. As I walked through the snow to work, I was especially torn up by the homeless man huddled in a corner of the Columbus Memorial, half-buried in drifts of snow. Hopefully the […]

Icy Grant Memorial

I’m cheating a bit here and showing photos from the last winter storm DC got, back in January. Pictures of the current Northeaster are on their way.

Breakfast as Expression of Duality

Saturday mornings are happy breakfast mornings, when we wake up late and make eggs. Here is an example of a happy Saturday morning breakfast arranged into something like art: a halved slice of toast, a half-slice of salami, and half of an omelette du fromage.