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Current Price of a Stamp Single-serving site that tells you how much a first-class stamp is at the USPS. usps  mail  stamps  fun  government  price  finance Great Depression Cooking with Clara food  history  greatdepression  video FRONTLINE: inside the meltdown: watch the full program | PBS Documentary on the first days of the Wall Street Crisis […]

I Once Was Lost

This was originally a response to the Metatalk thread on J.D. Frazer’s “User-Friendly” plagiarism, but I figured it was worth sharing here too. Well, while we’re at it: I tried to pass off Amazing Grace as my own original melody in a sixth grade music composition assignment. I didn’t even know at the time that […]

Encounters Among Twits

A sort-of-funny thing happened with Twitter last week. I was at the Ballston Common Noodles and Co., having a bowl of pesto cavatelli and leaching wifi from the nearby Panera while waiting to pick up Amy at a class she was teaching; when I thought, I wonder if anyone around here is on Twitter? I […]


We haven’t had any cat photos for a while, so here’s a few. Got these cat-and-Amy photos last week with a new camera, a Canon Powershot SD770 to replace the SD1100. More on why I needed a new camera so soon in an upcoming entry.

Duck and Ice

Above, a duck leaves an icy trail in the Potomac River by Washington Harbour during the first real snow of the winter on January 27th. After about 1-2 inches of snow, we then had a lovely little ice storm the next day which turned the city into something very like a skating rink, which made […]

Scenes From the 2009 Inauguration of President Obama

Amy and I were joined by jclements on the morning of January 20th. Despite living near the Capitol, entering the open expanse of the National Mall from there would have meant squeezing through an impossibly crowded bottleneck between the borders of the inaugural parade route and the ticketed standing areas. Instead we walked as far […]