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Coudal Partners | The Museum of Online Museums | MoOM museum  net  culture Aardvarchaeology : Never Say Please To Mother Cultural differences between Sweden and China expressed in the use or lack of use of polite phrases between family members. culture  language  china  chinese  sweden  etiquette Stay in the Meadowlands! Okay! meadowlands  nj  travel  environment  […]

Christmas 2008 and New Year 2009 Holiday Travel Roundup

Holiday in Transit: Planes, Boats, Cars, Trains from brownpau on Vimeo. I should really write my travel logs on the fly so I get them out of the way faster, rather than taking weeks to finish like this. I’ve had to backdate my latest entries to avoid the archived embarassment of having my travel entries […]

DTW Planter Stones

Have you left a message on the stones in the planters at Detroit Airport? Note the Flyertalk Rock by a forum member. Also of passing interest, our snow-covered NWA 747-400 after arrival:

A Few Tokyo Travel Tips

First, let’s set the mood with a video from the Keisei Skyliner: Now, a few things we learned along the way: If, like us, you’re coming from a longer trip elsewhere and carrying lots of stuff that you won’t need for while you’re in Tokyo, Narita Airport has bag storage facilities which will keep your […]

Oak Hotel

Rather than a cheap hotel with small rooms, it’s much better to think of Oak Hotel as an upscale backpackers’ hostel with private rooms for rugged compact urban living, which is how they position themselves. Oak Hotel’s terraced brick building is nestled into an alleyway in Taito City, just ten minutes’ leisurely walk down the […]

Stuff We Did in Tokyo

We visited an eye clinic. We took in the view from Tokyo Tower. We drank hot cans of Cafe au Lait while sitting by the waterfall in Shiba Park. We entered Zojoji Temple and listened to the chants of Jodo shu Buddhist monks. We walked through Ueno Park and viewed artifacts at the Tokyo National […]

Anilao Dive Log

My family went on six dives spread out over three days but I only went on two of those dives on the second day, opting to keep Amy company at the resort on the first and third days. Dive #85 Date: 1 Jan 2009 Location: Sepok Wall Maximum depth: 85 ft Dive time: 50 minutes […]

Eagle Point Resort

Anilao (in Mabini, Batangas) has always been my family’s go-to spot for diving, ever since my parents’ scuba heyday in the 1960s. When I was a kid we had a nipa-and-bamboo house at a ramshackle, sparsely-amenitied bungalow resort called Seafari, from where we could launch a speedboat or hire a banca to take us to […]

Greenhills Elan Hotel

While in Manila we stayed at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern, which had rooms for P3400/night (about $70/night at the current exchange rate). One of the taller buildings on Annapolis Street facing towards Greenhills Shopping Center, Elan is actually a mixed residential building, consisting mostly of condos, with guest rooms on three of its thirty-eight floors […]

Stuff We Did in Manila

We took it easy for most of this trip: lots of rest, no day tours, more time spent with family. (Sorry to all the friends with whom we skipped meetups, maybe next time.) We went down to the family’s farm in Laguna to try and swim in my uncle’s geothermal pool, but didn’t get to […]