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Professional Photography Tips Five tips on becoming an awesome professional photographer. photography  fun  photos Movable Type Developer’s Toolbox movabletype  development  design  cms Wubi – Ubuntu Installer for Windows Easy Ubuntu installer app for Windows that lets you keep your Windows installation. linux  ubuntu  windows  tech Essential Vermeer art  history  vermeer  culture Television Under the Swastika […]

Timelapse: Flight

Series of time lapse videos taken through rather scratchy plane window, Boeing 747-400 en route from DTW to NRT over the lower Arctic. Music thrown together with Garageband loops.


Typed out in Notes on my iPod Touch through the course of the trip, formatted later with photos. Dec 26, 6:30am EST En route to Newark. Total travel time will be something like 30 hours, with three connections, the longest leg of the trip being Detroit to Tokyo: 16 hours and 30 minutes. As we […]

NJ Christmas 2008

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.” Merry Christmas, and blessings in Christ to all! We are currently visiting Amy’s family in New Jersey, where a thin layer of snow and ice gives me the first real snowy Christmas I’ve ever had, and […]

CSC LEF Second Life Mention

On CSC’s Leading Edge Forum, some of my comments about Second Life appear to have been included in a presentation on their Second Life work for NASA JPL. (PDF with notes here.) I (well, my avatar) attended the Mars Phoenix Landing Event there and found it thoroughly enjoyable, so I’m glad someone at CSC appreciated […]

Santa Puts Me Back in the News

Who’d have thought writing about getting yelled at by the National Santa’s elves would land me back in the local news? This time, my WeLoveDC entry complaining about being stopped from photographing Santa’s Workshop at the National Christmas Tree got picked up in NBC Washington’s Around Town section. (Cue, of course, the requisite “WELL PEOPLE […]

Christmas Trees of Washington, DC: A Panoramic Sampler

We went out on a Washington Christmas Tree Walk on Saturday afternoon, visiting various public Christmas trees around the touristy parts of DC, where I made good use of Stitch Assist to make some panoramas. Amy guest-stars in some of these. Capitol This year’s Capitol Christmas Tree is a tall, thin subalpine fir from Montana, […]


Pandora really likes lying down on my jeans. I couldn’t stand up while she was luxuriating on my thigh. Update: Now she is sitting on my gray sweat pants, which fell out of the laundry basket onto the floor. She looks very much like the cloud of steam that rises from a lava flow when […]

Capitol Visitor Center

The new Capitol Visitor Center began construction shortly after I arrived in DC, so the whole time I have lived here the whole East side of the Capitol has been hidden behind unsightly construction walls. The project had initially been slated to be done for the 2005 inauguration (that turned out well, didn’t it?) but […]


Am I doing it right? (I didn’t have a cat photo to show today but I do have this snake we saw basking atop a tree stump in the sun by the boardwalk during our last Roosevelt Island hike. Isn’t it a cute snake?)