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A Full Day

I don’t have much time to blog lately. Lots of work, lots to do. Yesterday was a long, eventful Friday. Lunch was spent with ******* and Ada from PEX, the three of us talking about the nitty-gritties of witnessing and testimony. A few tough questions were answered, and some interesting insights reaffirmed over a yummy […]

Dialup Travails

I am typing this out in Notepad because I cannot get on the net. The task of dialing up to the Internet from my room at home is fraught with rigourous obstacles, requiring much forbearance and repetitive effort just to get a tolerably decent connection. First, I have to access the village trunklines to dial […]

Tazo Chai Spice

Two words: Tazo Chai Spice. Whoops, that was three. Yum yum. My mucus-clogged throat feels better already.

How to Write Good

How to Write Good. 1. Avoid alliteration. Always. 2. Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do. 3. The adverb always follows the verb. 4. Employ the vernacular. 5. Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc. 6. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary. 7. Remember to never split an infinitive. 8. Contractions aren’t necessary. […]

Mayon Volcano erupts

Mayon Volcano erupted yesterday afternoon, raining molten boulders and ash on the surrounding area. Those of you who have never been here, Mayon is the perfect-cone volcano you see in all those Philippine postcards. It’s a few hundred miles south of Manila, so we don’t get to see any action, but think about these poor […]


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of McDonald’s in the Philippines, the “Kay Sarap ng Ngiting McDo” (loosely translated, “How Delicious the McDonald’s Smile!”) TV commercial ends with a little girl offering a birthday cake to a statue of Ronald McDonald, which springs to life and, wordlessly smiling, accepts the cake with a cuddle for the little […]

New Planet of the Apes Movie

Just returned from watching Planet of the Apes, and I was disappointed at being left hanging with a blatant segue-to-sequel ending, without sufficient background to explain why, if Earth has suddenly been overrun by apes, their civilization’s monuments so closely resemble our own. And it’ll take a rather large leap of plot logic to get […]