* Cordless Phone and Answering Machine * - $39

Date: Mon Nov 10th 01:44

Guy on cordless phone
"Thanks to wireless technology, now I can talk to the homeez!!! Wazzaaaap!!!"

Enjoy instant tele-phone communication without wires! This simple yet suave product of modern technology uses high-frequency radio waves to enhance Alexander Graham Bell's magnificent invention, the tele-phone, enabling you to speak as you would over a normal corded device, but into a portable handheld unit! Now you need not be restrained by short, limiting, twisty wires; the cord-less tele-phone can "roam" your entire domicile, giving you clear and crisp "Ahoy-ahoys" up to hundreds of feet* away! Amazing!

Also included is a tele-phone answering machine, that marvelous meeting of Edison and Bell, which answers the phone for you, in your own voice, when you're busy or away! Dispensing with old-fashioned wax cylinders and magnetic tape, the answering machine answers callers in your absence, and as an added bonus, records messages from them onto an advanced memory "micro-chip," so you can instantly "play back" their calls at leisure!

Photo of actual units for sale
The actual units for sale: Lovely miracles of modern technology!

Get both fantastic devices for the low, low price of $39! They're almost new, in perfect working order, wrapped in their original boxes, with cords and manuals. Buy today, and discover the wondrous joy of "connected" life in the twenty-first century!

(* - Range subject to external factors like lead walls and massive solar flares.)

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