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Bill Murray on Mendel and the Philippines

Interesting quote from the Bill Murray Reddit AMA thread about how a visit to the Philippines made him think of Gregor Mendel: But I would like to know about Mendel, because i remember going to the Philippines and thinking “this is like Mendel’s garden” because it had been invaded by so many different countries over […]

Chastised by Chewbacca

Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films, is on Twitter as @TheWookieeRoars. He runs a fun and engaging stream for fans, posting historic behind-the-scenes photos from Star Wars production and other fun imagery. But when he posted a photo of an “awesome” standing cat wearing a Chewbacca bandoleer I had to […]


BusinessWeek story on Sriracha and its creator, David Tran. I knew about Sriracha long before Oatmeal made it cool, and even from my youth, Huy Fong chili-garlic sauce (or Lee Kum Kee) was a staple condiment for any meal of broiled chicken. Tran’s route to spicy fame is a classic immigrant culinary success story, but […]

Party Princess

“The Princess for Hire”: excerpts from a very long and fun SomethingAwful forum thread about being a professional party princess, by AssassinSparkle (aka AssassinPrincess on SA forums). Her stories are a simultaneously hilarious and profound glimpse into a world of princess-worship among little girls, of which I had only been peripherally aware before now. She’s […]

Getting Cable While Losing the TV

Through years of apartment living, we’ve watched relatively little television — just LOST, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and the occasional Simpsons/Seinfeld rerun, really — so we’ve been satisfied to not have cable, sticking with just bunny ears, DVDs, and the internet; especially the internet. Services like Joost, Miro, Hulu, and various networks’ online episode viewers […]

Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2008

The 2008 Folklife Festival covered Bhutan, NASA, and Texas. (Yeah, yeah, I know, NASA.) Time constraints caused us to miss the Texas part — in violation of that popular Southern precept, “Don’t miss with Texas” — but we got a lot out of Bhutan and NASA. Bhutan My first impression of Bhutan was “Wow, there […]

Drive-Thru Nativity

I was looking through Stynxno’s “Christmas 2007″ photoset and found a fascinating series of photos of a “Drive-Thru Nativity” — a concept with which I had been unfamiliar, but made for some remarkable pictures. (Update: More on this from stynxno himself.)

AMNH – Philippines

One thing I was especially interested in seeing at the AMNH was if they had a display for the Philippines in the Culture Halls, and how accurate and up-to-date that would be. I didn’t find it in the Stout Hall of Asian Peoples, where I would have expected it, but rather in the Margaret Mead […]

Banahaw in US News

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to open up this week’s U.S. News and World Report to page 60, where you’ll find my article “The Draw of a ‘Holy Mountain,’” on Mount Banahaw in the Philippines, part of a larger series on Sacred Places. I’ve never actually been to the “pilgrimage” parts of Banahaw myself, (though my […]

Skull Pop

Amy just showed me this Mexican “Skull Pop” she got from someone at work. Something to do with Day of the Dead, I guess.