Dreaming of Evhead

Four nights ago, I had an oddly vivid dream about at-large Blogger founder Evan Williams: I was in a meeting with him, asking for venture capital to fund a content management project I had percolating. In my dream, Ev had just gotten an odd bowl-like haircut which reminded me — somewhat — of Lloyd Christmas. It’s not how I normally visualize him; this is the image that his name usually evokes.

Note that I’m no Evlover: I don’t really follow his weblog, and haven’t looked at any photos of him for a while. I even forgot about the dream until I happened across this photo of him in Toyko.

He looks exactly like he did in my dream; with exactly the same hairdo. It’s probably just coincidence, but with the wave of déja vu I got from looking at that photo and remembering that dream, I can’t help but wonder if I’m latently clairvoyant or something weird like that.

Next up: My recurring dreams about the Baltimore-Washington Maglev Project.