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Internet Explorer is the problem via Virtuelvis / ie browsers On the New Internet Explorer Flaw. Linux News. / ie browsers Internet Explorer. Quick, call security! The Register / ie browsers US Government warns against Internet Explorer Gotta love that typo in the subhead / ie browsers Primer on standards violations in Internet Explorer From […]

Saturn Orbit Insertion

Tonight’s the night: SOI! (Saturn Orbit Insertion) Cassini has just passed through Saturn’s ring plane, and if it survived the crossing, should now be on the start of its SOI burn, a 96-minute engine firing which should slow the craft down enough for it to enter orbit around Saturn. SpaceflightNow has a Cassini SOI timetable […]

Things I Have Lost

‘Tis truth, Valerie, a list of things I have lost would fill a weblog all by itself. Through the years, I have lost: A Panasonic G350, my very first cellphone, which slid out of my pocket in a jeepney. A Nokia 3390, which fell out of my pocket in a Baltimore taxi. A Palm Zire […]

Not-so-simple Bits

Dan Cederholm’s book Web Standards Solutions is definitely not for beginners. He hits the ground running, right from the first chapter, jumping into full CSS syntax with tips and tricks for styling lists and headers; not much in the way of “getting started” or “style basics.” For advanced users, it’s an excellent reference to extend […]

Friendster Testimonials

I don’t use Friendster anymore, so I cancelled my account. The testimonials were worth saving though, so I’m recording them here for posterity: Angie, 10/31/2003: Had a secret crush on him for a few minutes during our ORSEM even if he badly needed a haircut then. And I will forever remember him for the first […]

Bible and Bits

Just got two books I ordered: my new ESV, Compact Thinline, to replace the lost one; and Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm, which I hope to be an excellent practical reference for XHTML and CSS markup.

Suborbit, Saturn, and Mars

It sure has been an exciting year for space news, and things are just getting better and better: SpaceshipOne has made Earth’s first manned private suborbital spaceflight, paving the way for future space travel outside the government’s space program. The “X-Prize” is not won yet, however, until the craft is able to lift off with […]

Quoth Kottke…

In response to a comment I left on Jason Kottke’s June 2004 redesign, Jason says, “Paulo, you are a true fan.”

Kuya Jedi

My older brother, Jedi Knight. You see, the Sith Lords on the Dark Side wear black helmets, but the good Jedi always wear clean white socks.

Fancy Schmancy

Conrado de Quiros, who I thought had better analytical skills than that, falls for the poor revisionist history of The Da Vinci Code; hook, line, and sinker. “I was afraid it would damage my faith,” a Couples for Christ member told him. Hah. Small chance that a piece of garbage like Da Vinci Code could […]