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Flowery Punditry

Glenn Reynolds linked to my entry on John Kerry’s Mysterious Flower, though I think he liked my Photoshop work more than my commentary.

CSS Linkage

Valerie was asking for some good starting points on CSS-based layout and design, so here are some of the links I sent her way: Start with the W3Schools guide to learn some syntax. Pick up some tips from Zeldman’s Journey at AListApart. Acquaint yourself with the code via MaxDesign tutorials. Steal a CSS template or […]

Import First

CSS “@import” notation should precede all other CSS declarations. I’ve been doing CSS-based layout for three years now, and this is the first time I’ve come across this rule, discovered while struggling with styles not showing on a project at work. Learn something new everyday, I guess.

Travel in Style

Travelocity has redesigned, and is now laid out in CSS. Navigation appears to be some variation of the suckerfish, and the dropdowns break rather badly in Opera 7, dissolving into a mess of unfloated, overlapping list items which loop in and out of a :hover state repeatedly whenever the mouse is over them. In Safari, […]

Spring Cache Cleaning

Just need to dump some links and text which have been accumulating in my desktop notepad: From Blogs4God: That We May All Be One, in which Jen discusses unity and division within the church. MarsClock for Palm OS. Gives you a map of Mars and tells you the time at the landing sites of both […]

Ecleo Passes Go

Ruben Ecleo out on bail. Ecleo was the leader of a cult which revered him as a reincarnated Messiah, even after the bloody gunfight which accompanied his arrest on suspicion of murdering his wife. One million pesos (about $18,000) bail was granted, ostensibly for “health reasons,” though Ecleo’s health seems well enough for him to […]

Sex and the DaVinci

Kathy the Carmelite reads DaVinci Code, and discovers, surprise, surprise, it’s all about the sex. Also addressed is the fallacy that a patriarchal Christianity replaced female-empowering goddess worship, and how modern culture’s new Eve temptation further exploits women. (Link via Josh S.)

John Kerry’s Flower

Wondering what I meant by “Flower Boy” last night? Take a close look at this photo of John Kerry, fresh from a romp in the snow. What’s up with that huge yellow daisy flower zipper pull attached to his vest? Is it some kind of secret sign? A gift from his wife? An anachronistically girlish […]

I, Democrat

Well, it came too late for the DC Caucuses, but my voter registration card has finally arrived. Good thing that my favored candidate has not formally withdrawn, despite having endorsed Flower Boy. It’s Al all the way for me, baby!