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Faith and Deeds

As an evangelical Christian, I hold firmly to the bible’s teaching that we are saved only through faith in Jesus Christ; that simply by trusting in His propitiatory sacrifice on the Cross, we are forgiven our sins and born to eternal life. Call it sola fides, call it fundamentalism, call it by whatever label you […]

Vacuum Link

Let’s get something straight: humans do not immediately freeze, burn, or explode in the vacuum of space. Human skin is resilient enough to keep in temperature and pressure, so your blood won’t boil or ooze from the pores right away. However, inhaled air can expand and damage your lungs, your eardrums will swell, and the […]

Girly Layout

I wanted to see if I could pull off a girly-looking layout, all pink and flowery. Don’t panic. I just clicked on one of the recently updated blogs on the Blogger page, and I found this: “Anyhow, did you send me a text message yesterday, Pia? Something about Brown Pau. Didn’t quite catch it. Oh, […]


A drug that would eliminate menstruation, but still allow women to become pregnant? That would be amazing! Think: no more periods, but without side-effects to health! What would life be like without periods, I wonder? Not that I would be directly affected, of course; but without periods, things would certainly change for both women and […]

Not Quite So Fundie?

Concerning this new Bible Baptist church, many of my earlier problems have been put to rest in another meeting with the pastor. (Actually, it was another bible study group that met with him: Tiff’s folks. I don’t join them; but they passed word on to me.) The church strongly believes that its precedent is not […]

A Diet of Vivaldi

Of Antonio Vivaldi, Igor Stravinsky once said, “He did not write 400 concertos; he just wrote one and copied it 399 times.” As I listen to my newly purchased CD of Vivaldi cello concerti, I am inclined to agree. Nothing faster than Allegro, mostly Allegro ma non molto, and every concerto sounding like every other […]

Toilet Paper Dogmatism

Of course number 2 is the correct way to load toilet paper. It’s more sanitary, keeping the free end of the roll from brushing against the wall, and the bathroom occupant expends less effort in reaching for the paper. I would have it no other way. New links! :) And I almost joined the christianblogs […]

Gradschool Hunt

The hunt for a gradschool continues. I’ve been searching through and About for stuff, and so far I’ve turned up five or six promising schools which offer Master’s degrees in graphic design, with a focus on interactive design and/or digital video. I’m backing off from Carnegie-Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction program. I don’t meet two of […]


Seen this morning on the side of a delivery truck: Fortune Packaging Co.: The country’s finest manufacturer of boxes. I’ll remember that next time I’m in the market for a good, solid cardboard box.